PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Console – Death Stranding Bundle


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  • 4K TV Enhanced: When played on a 4K TV, DEATH STRANDING outputs in a dynamic 4K resolution achieved through 4K checkerboard rendering
  • HD TV Enhanced: HD TV players will benefit from increased image clarity through supersampling when playing on PS4 Pro, compared to PS4 (turn on Supersampling Mode in your PS4 Pro system settings to access this feature)
  • HDR TV Compatible: Players with HDR displays can experience DEATH STRANDING in high dynamic range color
  • Tomorrow Is In Your Hands


PS4 Dynamic Theme, PSN Avatar (Nendoroid Ludens), DEATH STRANDING Complete Avatar Set, DEATH STRANDING: Timefall Digital Music Album, DEATH STRANDING: Timefall – Behind the Scenes Making Of Digital Video. Special gold versions of in-game items once earned through gameplay (unlock in-game items via story progression): “Sam” Sunglasses (Gold), Hat (Gold), Speed Skeleton (Gold) – Enhances the wearer’s movement muscle power to increase mobility, Armor Plate (Gold) – Padding on shoulders and legs to protect wearer from falls, gunfire, and other damage, “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses (Gold), Power Skeleton (Gold) – Enhances ability to handle heavy cargo, All-Terrain Skeleton (Gold) – Enhances ability to remain upright when traversing uneven surfaces, Armor Plate (Lv. 2) (Gold) – Protects from falls, gunfire, and other damage.



  • 4k Tv Enhanced: When Played On A 4k Tv, Death Stranding Outputs In A Dynamic 4k Resolution Achieved Through 4k Checkerboard Rendering.
  • Hd Tv Enhanced: Hd Tv Players Will Benefit From Increased Image Clarity Through Supersampling When Playing On Ps4 Pro, Compared To Ps4 (Turn On Supersampling Mode In Your Ps4 Pro System Settings To Access This Feature).
  • Hdr Tv Compatible: Players With Hdr Displays Can Experience Death Stranding In High Dynamic Range Color.


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