AXE 6-Pc Apollo Total Fresh Shower Gift Set with BONUS ICE CHILL Body Spray


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AXE men’s gift set includes:
(1) Apollo 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 16oz
(1) Apollo Body Wash 16oz
(1) Apollo Body Spray 4oz
(1) Ice Chill 1oz body spray(bonus)
(1) Shower Pouf(bonus)
(1) Gift Bag

  • AXE Apollo 2 in1 Shampoo and Conditioner is good for the gym, dorm, and on-the-go
  • Looking for the perfect soap for men? AXE Apollo body wash for men leaves you smelling like crushed mint and rosemary
  • AXE Body Spray for Men, Apollo, 4oz – a classic, fruity fragrance featuring lavender, geranium and citrus
  • AXE Ice Chill Body Spray is a fresh invigorating fragrance that features frozen lemon and eucalyptus
  • This shower bag keeps you clean and fresh on the go and includes a bonus loofa

Looking for one of the perfect gift sets for men? This Axe Gift Pack helps him find his magic and get out the door feeling fresh and confident. Our AXE Apollo Gift Set includes one AXE 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner Apollo 16oz , one AXE Apollo Body Wash 16oz , one AXE Body Spray for Men Apollo 4oz plus an AXE Body Spray Ice Chill. The items in this gift set help him find his magic and get out the door feeling fresh and confident. Every masterpiece starts with a clean canvas. It’s the same with your hair. You need a men’s shampoo and conditioner that’s powerful enough to blast away the daily grime and give your hair the full-on detox it needs. Goodbye to losing your cool before that all-important date. Hello squeaky-clean, minty freshness. It’s your secret weapon that keeps you smelling fresh for hours. Perfect. Because the fresh fragrance of AXE men body wash doesn’t just deep clean your skin. It deep cleans your soul. Pair it with the AXE Body Spray for Men Apollo. A few quick sprays is all you need. For an added bonus, stay confidently fresh for 48 hours by applying a few quick sprays of AXE Ice Chill Body Spray for Men. It’s the perfect finishing touch.